Новини от света

Новини от света


Shaping a Walk for Homeopathy is a whole lot of work! (I’m just warning). Christel, my coordinator and me spent days on end creating trajectories, making all the appointments with participants and supporters, organizing the “Rounding-off Celebration Party” and a million other things. But here we are: the last part of the Walk in Belgium is fixed, all preparations for the celebration made, the Walk in Germany structured as well as the Walk in the UK in April.

In the three busy…

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After spending a lot of ‘quality time’ with family and friends for Christmas and New Year celebrations, last days were filled with organizing the Walk in Belgium.  My beloved Paul has children, in laws, six grandchildren and so have I. His oldest granddaughter is 18 and brings her boyfriend; my youngest granddaughter is 14 months and sits on our lap. All of them are the light of our eyes and the joy in our hearts.

Packing for the next walk, I’m in an optimistic mood. The…

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Jacqueline Marie Evancho, an angel from heaven arrives on earth to stun and bedazzle us. 

A young girl who is "possessed" by the music. I do not think she means "possessed" in a…

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Homoeopathy is a unique form of drug therapy which is capable of stimulating the body’s own power of self healing in a special way. In order to understand what symptoms potential Homoeopathic medicines can provoke in healthy individual, Homoeopaths conduct ‘Drug proving or Human pathogenetic Trials .They are the pillars of Homoeopathy. Hahnemann was one of the first to give medicines to healthy people in order to understand its effects in the sick. He…

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“I am under the care of Homoeo since 40 to 50 years. I hate English medicines. Last month, some ladies from government came to my home and gave some colored medicines. When they went back, I discarded it. I can’t tolerate English medicine. First I started Homeo from Menon doctor, then…

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Perniosis (chilblains) and Homoeopathy

Perniosis (chilblains) is an abnormal reaction to cold (Psora) that occurs most frequently in women, children, and the elderly. Chilblains may be idiopathic and self-limited, or associated with systemic diseases. It is a common ailment often familial. Exposure to cold water sometimes seems to play a role.…

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Usmani Resource Page

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Necessity is the mother of innovation:

1. To introduce most accepted basis of the phenotypes of the diseases in Homœopathy and Homœopaths i.e. genetic basis plus environmental influences thereon plus chances. No overview of genetics; yet, as such conceptual threads binds the whole biology as well as relationship between the genetics and evolution of phenotypes, without…

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The shapes of the cell nuclei: I emphasize the importance of observing the whys of certain results with homeopathic medicines, it appears different actions for the same reports (repertorizations and modalities).

The cell nuclei are either spherical or pyramidal. In some cases the…

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Whenever I had taken a rightly selected remedy I had always confirmed the following.
The sleep Is undisturbed , a very good sleep is observed and the dreams seems very real it feels asif its a real world, so when the body needs repair sleep is a must , no wonder we get so sleepy when we come back after a holiday, and babies sleep so much.
To repair the body sleep is a must 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.
Normally other days I get a disturbed sleep getting up due to noise or mosquitoes or when…
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Spagyric forms a bridge between classical homeopathy and modern plants science. Although these are two seperate sciences.

Most Spagyric-homeopathic mother tinctures and potencies we come accross are actually imperfect hybrids of these two seperate sciences !

The energy of the Cosmos is captured in nature. Spagyric uses these forces of nature to eliminate the blockades, deficits and other pathogeni...c factors that cause disease

The use of Spagyric works on the spiritual, mental…

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ALl homeopaths who walked with me or hosted me I asked the same 4 questions, of which they can choose one, a few or all to answer. My questions are:

1. What is your most amazing, fantastic or spectacular homeopathic experience?

2. What is your biggest homeopathic enigma, mystery or question?

3. What did homeopathy bring you?

4.Do you have a messge you want me to take/a vision you want to share?

And this is what our colleague from Amsterdam…

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Four days we walked through a most magnificent landscape, pretty as a Christmas card wherever we looked: snow, ice crystals, and rime. Words fail to express how breathtaking the view was, in the woods (Zoniënwoud) or the fields. In the company of two friends joining me for the whole…

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After a snowstorm and a day of minus 9, the next day had the most horrific weather: cold, raining and windy… and a walk along dikes and open fields. Steven van Lelyveld might have regretted he’d chosen that day to keep me company, but he bravely stood up to it and kept up the spirits. We walked the 18 km in one go and enjoyed warm tomato soup by three in the afternoon at our destination. Goedele De Nolf who came from Belgium, took an extra day on her way to a course in Holland to…

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I would like to show you the skin stretch test that helps in the diagnosis of fungal infections like Tinea Versicolor (Pityriasis vers). This test is found negative in other skin lesions. For example: Pityriasis alba, leucoderma, birth marks, scars, etc.

Procedure: keep two fingers one either sides of the…

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Though the subject of “BioGas” has been known to me when I was a student in Calcutta, many decades earlier, I always wondered why this simple, effective and cost…

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Everything is energy. This one moving in a way is a flower and in another is a deer. One more is the world. Everything is energy flowing in one way or other. The important thing, what gives to everything its identity and how it is, is how energy moves. A heart is just that and also a stomach.

But the energy properly flowing is a healthy heart and when that energy is distorted then we are seeing the disease. It is not, therefore, balance…

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Dr. M. A. Usmani

To become a successful Homeopathic G. P.


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Make it your Vade Mecum.


It is worth its weight in platinum,…

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Suicide and Homoeopathy


Definition and related words

Suicide is intentional self-destruction. (Syphilis+++/ Sycosis+/Psora++)

Suicidal ideation

Suicidal ideation is a preoccupation with…

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Repertory of TIA

ABDOMEN - Inactivity, paralysis, etc. alum. am-c. atro. BRY. camph. caust. cham. chin. COLCH. CON. KALI-C. LYC. MAG-M. NUX-V. OP. plb. RHUS-T. sars. Staph. Thuj.

ABDOMEN - Intestines – Paralysis esin-sal. plb-act.

ABDOMEN - PAIN - cramping - accompanied by - Lower extremities; paralysis of lower plb.

Abdomen - pain – paralytic grat.

Abdomen - paralysis of intestines - laparotomy, after op.

ABDOMEN - PARALYSIS of intestines -…

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On December 15th & 16th my college J.S.P.S. Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, and the Old Students' Association hosted first Alumni Meet at Ramoji Film Studios, Hyderabad, India.  Dr.K.Chiranjeevi, Union Minister for Tourism,the Chief Guest of the program inaugurated the “Alumni Confluence- 2012."

      Dr.S.Praveen Kumar welcomed all the delegates. The Chief Guest of the day Dr. J.Rameswara Rao an Alumni of the college…

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Formication and Homoeopathy


Rajneesh Resource Page

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The day started with a crisp blue sky but no more than an hour later, dark grey clouds from oversea approached and tiny snowflakes danced down from the sky. It looked as if the seawater colored dark grey as well, contrasting with the snow covered beach. 

Heavier snowfall for the next two hours resulted in the most amazing scenery:  the horizon disappeared, the sand at ebb tide got covered with a layer snow and the few people on the beach became vague shadows.  Snow on the…

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When you are purposely infected and invaded by a biological agent, it sets up an immune response to the disease ... here's the rest of the story.
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Last days, listening at the weather forecast giving snow blizzards and Antarctic temperatures, one hesitates between doing something ‘brave and determined’ versus being ‘stupid and silly’.  The pitfall of thinking!  Too many thoughts lead to doubt.  When we feel no doubt, then this is a sure sign we follow our passion.

Hence I took the train when it was still dark this morning, and travelled through the most beautiful snow covered flatland, West Vlaanderen  (le plat…

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"I have been told that vaccines are not cultured on aborted foetal tissue anymore..."
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Spending an afternoon in the sauna with the friend, who was going to join me the first day of the Walk in Belgium, was meant to set the tone.  The Walk should connect, link and heal but… being enjoyable as well. 

And agreeable it was. We finally had (or made) enough time to catch up with each other while walking…

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"I was wondering if anyone who lives in Michigan knows if the vitamin k shot is mandatory for newborns?"
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Since Kees already pointed it out and since it is known by people whom I taught or personally informed, I want to clarify on this knowing ‘im Forveld’.

To my utter surprise and amazement I discovered three years ago I could know the patient‘s remedy beforehand, without having to see or to talk to him or her.  The implications upset me for months. I wasn’t looking nor asking for this and it all of a sudden changed the direction of my work, ambitions and motivations.  Besides the…

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The line has been drawn. There are pro-vaxers on one side and anti-vaxers on the other. Let’s look at each side.
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