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can we take allopathic medicine along with homeopathic medicine? Asked by: roopam ANSWER Some allopathic medicines, such as steroids, will tend to antidote homeopathic remedies. If possible use homeopathy by itself. There are times when both allopathic and homeopathic are used. For instance, if a patient is on conventional medicine already and you don't want [...]
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Dear Friends and Family ~

The world needs to learn about the progress in a homeopathy protocol that the Banerji family has developed over decades of observation and study. With a foundation in Classical Homeopathy, the senior father and son team have…

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  Homeopathic Remedies in relation to the three Doshas of Ayurveda,

The table below shows some of the main characteristics of the three Doshas with examples of remedies which markedly exhibit these attributes.

rLung, (Vata) the wind element is an aspect of the breath and it is closely associated with the nervous system. Normally, vata produces enthusiasm and creativity.
Its balance is easiliy disturbed by desire and attachment. Concern with external factors, like the wind disturbing the treetops, produce excessive mental activity, which manifests itself as troubled, erratic thinking, capricious moods, excited loquacity and active dreams. This kind of stress, causes hurried, impatient, busy and often obsessional minds. As a result of being a bit impulsive and scatter-brained their finances can end up in a mess.

Elemental Properties and Modalities :
Light, mobile and quick. Coarse, rough, hard and piercing. These sensations are exemplified by the pains of arthritis. Its roughness can be seen in the hair and fingernails. It is dry and absorbant like the spongy tissues of the lungs.

We can easily find many examples of rLung symptoms which reflect these properties in the repertory and produce an analysis which gives a list the remedies of this type, (square brackets indicate B. Bhattacharya's analysis of each one).
  • Mind; activity; general; hyper active. impatience: impulsive.
  • Generalities; coldness:
hyos [V5,P5] stram [V5,K5] ign [V5,P5] bell [V5,K5] camph [V5,K5,P5] staph [V5,k5] op [V5,P5] arn [V5,K5] anac [V5,P5] bry [V5,K5]

Tripa, (Pitta) inner heat, is associated with the endochrine system. It normally gives clarity, determination and courage. When over-stimulated it manifests as competitiveness, then other people are percieved as being in the wrong, and we often feel that we are under attack. The result is dictatorial egotism, irritability and anger. When anger is out of control it becomes hatred and violence, which are often reflected in destructive dreams of battles and fighting.

Elemental Properties and Modalities :
Hot and dry. Light and quick. It is sharp, acidic, pungent and purging. Boils, ulcers and acid indigestion are typical Tripa complaints.

  • Mind; anger irascibility: capriciousness:
  • Generalities; blood; circulation of; accelerated: heat; flushes of
nux-v [P5,K5] cham [V5,P5] coff [P5] croc [V5,P5,K5] ran-b [P5] Ip [P5] verat [P5] cocc [P5] chin [P5] lil-t [P5]

Badkan (Kapha) is associated with fluids, especially with the blood, and it also mixes with the earth element. Its softness and smoothness give tolerance and love. Its heaviness helps us to relax, so sleep is usually deep and there can be romantic dreams.
When it is stimulated by delusions, its heavy nature gives rise to physical and emotional sluggishness, apathy and dullness. This may produce a rather boring and monotonous voice.
Opinions and relationships are formed cautiously. Opinions are then held doggedly, which gives rise to ignorance and can result in a lack of consideration for others[6]. In financial dealings, their cautious investments can amount to miserliness, and this greed itself produces a tendency to envy.

Elemental Properties and Modalities :
The water element in the body is cool, soft, oily, sticky and slow, like mucous. Earth is dry, heavy, solid and slow, like bone. Poor circulation and congestion are typical complaints.

  • Mind; dullness sluggishness difficulty thinking and comprehending
  • Generalities; lassitude: Sleep; rise; aversion to.
puls [V5,P5] bry [V5,K5] con [V5,K5] cycl [K5] dulc [V5,K5] arn [V5,K5] dig [K5] drosera [K5]

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if one has never been treated with any drugs for schizophrenia how successful would homeopathic treatment be? Asked by: jennifer, usa ANSWER It is difficult, but in the right hands symptoms can improve without being drugged. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-organizations/ Rate This [...]
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Dr. Scholten describes Stage 6 as "The Challenge".  It the kind of situation that occurs when you have gained some expertise and the time has come to put it out into the world.  It's time for your performance.  You have the  grounding, the techniques - but not the experience, and there's only one way to gain that experience - you just have to go for it.  If you dare. Going through with it is the only way to progress.  How many projects get stuck at this stage?  Its like launching into the unknown.  Its the opportunity to show what you can do.  The alternative is to stay hidden - and stuck in Stage 6!

Each series (row) of the Periodic Table has its own sphere of expression.  The sphere of the Ferrum Series is at work, the Silver Series is in creativity, the Lanthanide Series is in inner power the Gold Series is in outer power and the Uranium Series is in intuition and wisdom.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Chromium.  All the Ferrums are forceful but they are usually obliged to  put up with "the rules of the game", so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard.  

In Chromium the feeling is that making a mistake means getting hurt.  This means the challenge is in keeping up appearances.  The result is that they can become rather closed and private people, hence the idea of "cover up" - a trait common to the Sycotic Remedies.

I cant help comparing Lycopodium to Chromium.  Lyc. has doubts about taking on responsibility and projects a very self-assured, perhaps even slightly arrogant, image to society at large.  Like Chromium, Lyc likes to be in control, and is wary of anything that could lessen his grip on things.  Like all the Stage 6 remedies Lyc feels he has something to prove and will force himself to overcome his doubts and fears.  Things usually go well when he does so.  Likewise, Chromium feels fully committed to his plans. In an argument Lyc. feels he is always right and will evade the issue if he feels cornered.  The issue is one of embarrasment - which chromium shares. Both are trying to keep up appearances.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Silver Series is Molybdenum.   In this series the focus is on performance and perfection.  They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Molybdenum the challenge is to prove that their creativity is viable.  The secret creation has to be exhibited.  They are proud of their work but fear humiliation.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Lanthanides is Neodymium.  The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength.  Their efforts are directed toward achieving  strength of mind.

In Neodymium the challenge is to prove their autonomy.   They are not quite there, so to accomplish this they become closed and try to be hard . Its like putting up a wall to protect themselves from any doubt  about their independence and their self-control.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Gold Series is Tungsten.  The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility.  They use their power to rule - for better or for worse.

In Tungsten the challenge is to prove that they can be a leader.  They can be forceful and arrogant, but again they are keen to hide any uncertainty.

Below is one provers journey on Tungsten. It could equally be interpreted it as a transition from Stage 5 to Stage 6, or as a transiton of the failed Tungsten state to its cured, positive state.

Tungsten Proving
#87::Day1: Confident. Feel less intimidated.
#87::Day4: Shouted back at boyfriend.
#87::Day6: Feels as if heart is opening. Not as forsaken from family.
#87::Day9: Feel happy and intigrated.
#87::Day13: Confronted a stranger.
#87::Day 16: Enjoyed socialising.

The rubrics we have on Tungsten trace a similar story to the proving, although the failed state is quite dark and they feel out of it, indifferent, and even unreal.  The cured state is "right up for it" ...  The situation could be one of redundancy (a maintaining cause) that suddenly rights itself when a new career opportunity presents itself.

The Tungsten failed State:
Serious. Sadness. Death thoughts of.
  Company - aversion to.
  Delusions - alone, being.
  Doubtful. Delusions, fail, everything will.
  Fears people, being murdered, falling.
  Time passes too slowly.

Positive Tungsten
  Exhilaration. Optimistic.
   Ideas, abundant.
  Occupation - amel.
  Haughty, best clothes, likes to wear his.
  Fearless - danger, in spite of.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Uranium Series is Uranium. The focus of this series is on intention and intuition.  In Uranium the challenge is to demonstrate their powers.   My guess is that they can be quite excited about their powers of intuition., but they are still developing  so they can be nervous about showing off - which only invalidates their accomplishments anyway.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of Stage 6 in the Uranium Series could be found in the challenge of taking up the Buddhist Practice of Bodichitta.

"Yes, I will extend my comfort zone, and practice generosity and loving kindness in a world where everyone has their own expert opinon, without any expectation of the slightest recognition".

"Just as the great elements of earth, water and so forth support the life of sentient beings, so may I too become the foundation of sustenance for all".

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5Yr child have dry cough with severe frequency, often a dry cough every 5–10 seconds in only day/wake-up time(from last 3 weeks), but once asleep will not cough. No other illness seen. Asked by: D.K.Katariya ANSWER That question has been answered here: http://hpathy.com/ask-homeopathy-doctors/cough-amel-by-sleep/ Rate This Answer Rating: +0
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  Dendoraspis, the Black Mamba is a ferocious member of the Elapidae, who all proteroglyphis, i.e. having rigid fangs.  Other members of the Elipidae include the Cobras (Naja), Kraits (Bungarus) and the  deadly Taipan (Oxyuranus).

The venom, which is neurotoxic and usually fatal, runs down a groove in the fang. The bite causes drowsiness and neurological and neuromuscular symptoms, leading to paralysis and heart and lung failure. Death is by asphixiation. It affects acetylcholine receptors in both the peripheral (sympathetic) and central nervous system.  In the CNS, ACh affects arousal. In the PNS it affect muscle fibers.

Meet the homeopathic Mamba

The Mamba feels injured and alone, and he feels it's his duty to fight for others in the same situation.  So, the Mamba is quite sad and sentimenatal and because of this he will extend his sympathy - but he can also become censorious, dictatorial and cruel.

They are quarrelsome by nature and this is what you get if you argue with this guy ...
  •  Malicious. Anger: Sudden and violent - from contradiction.
  •  Unfeeling. Kill; desire to - contradicts her; the person that
  •  Loquacitity - Cursing. Answering hastily,  violently and deceitfully. 
  •  Liar. Always avoiding any blame.
It is a quite a sexual remedy. In the sphere of dreams we find a strange and violent sexuality which is mixed with torture and rape. They also dream of danger, dangerous animals and of defending their family.

How many remedies dreams of a monk with an erection?  Dendroapis does. It's the percieved hypocracy that they can't abide.  Everyone's a liar to Dendroaspis ... even you!

It's no use protesting, you'll just make it so much worse for yourself.

Run for it ...

Dendroaspis Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
- Head pain - Temples - right.
- Head pain - burning - forehead.
- Head pain - sharp.
- Generals - pain: sudden, shooting or neuralgic.

Bio-Stategy: "Don't mess with me".
Compare: Staphy; Dysprosium; Thulium. 

Mamba toxins:
Fasciculins: block synapses causing tetany and death.
Dendrotoxins: inhibit nerotansmitters, which causes paralysis.

Compare the Mamba with the rattler, Crotalus horridus, a member of the Viperideae family, (sub-family Crotalinae) - who all have huge, folding fangs, also feels under attack ...

DELUSIONS - insulted, he is - looked down upon

He really thinks that he's pretty cool!

T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia; Crot-h; Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
The bite cause edema and tissue destruction.  It quickly causes hemorrhage and hematomas. It causes coagulopathy, where like thrombin, it clots fibrinogen and aggregates platelets.  It also causes systemic muscle necrosis.
- Headache, extending into the eyes.
 -Pressive frontal headache, followed by sensation of nausea.
- Dull stitches in both temples.
- Sudden violent drawing pain from the vertex into the right eye. Pressure deep in the orbits, behind the ears, and in the nasal bones, so that, as with the pressure in the temples, he is obliged to bite the teeth together,

Crot-h toxins:
-Neurotoxin: Phospholipase (PLA2), which is a melittin compound, which releases arachidonic acid from cell membranes causing pain and inflammation.
-Myotoxins such as crotamine, which paralyse and cause necrosis of  muscles.
-Fibrinogen clotting enzymes; where coagulation is disrupted causing bleeding from wounds, the GI tract and lungs.
-Bradykinins, which cause blood vessels to dilate, reducing blood pressure. It also  increases vascular permeability. Both effects result in inflammation and pain.

Crot-c, like most snake remedies, can be angry, destructive, competetive, cruel and suspicious.

CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

Crot-cascavella is a little more playful and sociable and there seems to be slightly more remorse and guilt.

T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia; Crot-c; Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
- This is the right handed snake remedy: Head pain side - right.
- The entire skullcap compresses the brain like an iron helmet.
- Painful pressure in the temples.Very acute lancinations in the right temple.  
- Forehead. Frontal headache, as if the head would split, with weight above the eyes.
- Cutting sensation all around the eyeball, as if it was being taken out with a penknife
- Pain under the right orbit, and at the right side of the forehead.
- Sensation as if a red-hot iron were stuck into the vertex.
- Red face.  Flushes of heat. Oppression of breathing, as though there were not air enough in the house. 
- Palpitation of the heart

Crot cascavella can help after a stroke ...

EXTREMITIES - PARALYSIS - hemiplegia - right

Lachesis (Ophidia) Fam: Viperidae/Crotalinae

Lachesis is another cool and sociable type, although  trust can be an issue - they be friendly whilst reserving their judgment about you. A trivial mistunderstanding can spark off a serious quarrel.

 T.F. Allen: "Becomes easily peevish and mistrustful;believes himself intentionally injured by all his environments, and attaches the most hateful significance to the most innocent occurrences".

Lachesis; Physical Symptoms (Arterial conjestion)
The bite causes swelling and pain with local tissue destruction and coagulopathy.  There is also loss of blood pressure and a decreased heart rate.
- Congestion of head. Deep internal Headache.
- Rush of blood to the head for a few hours in the forenoon, especially on stooping, preceded by headache above the right eye.
- Throbbing pain above the right eye, with nausea.
- Pulsating pain in the right temple, that extends into the right orbit.
- Headache extending into the root of the nose with drawing, jerking, tensive sensation in the bones of the skull and cheeks. 
- Feeling as if some one were cutting pieces from the right parietal bone. 
- Sticking in the vertex and temples, as with knives and forks;extending through the whole head, with catarrh and stiffness of the nape of the neck,

Lachesis toxins: Viper toxins plus ...
Haemotoxins: destroy RBCs by haemolysis.

Refs: Info on toxins plus thumbnail images : Wikipedia

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for I have been married for 4 years.Now I am 26, and my husband is 29 years old. We have been trying for a baby for 2 years.Unfortunately, I had 4 missed abortion during this time. So the Doctor suggested to perform Karyotyping to both of us. My karyotyping result indicates that I am the [...]
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Homeopathic Jade - one of the most beautiful remedies in the MM. At 1M the energy it stimulates rises through each chakra giving strength and purity. It feels lik a 'hard' remedy. Perhaps its hardness is the basis for its strength-giving aspect. The beauty and clarity of the stone is the basis for the clarity and light it provides. The combined effect produces a wonderful sense of renewal, revitalisation and determination.

If Jade has a voice it says ... "I will go on."

There is an affinity for the Kidneys; in T.C.M. they are source of one of the main essences of life - Jing. You are born with a certain amount but it can be replenished.
At one point, I experienced a pleasant tingling sensation in that reg...ion, and subsequently a pleasant upward stream of cleansing energy.
Using a simple Chi-Kung circulation technique I found I could direct the flow into any chakra or area, feeling as if I was washing and clearing out subtle deposits of toxicity ('Ama' in Ayurveda).
I slept lightly but woke refreshed.

    • The overall 'feel' is a bit like Silica, but much nicer. Nephrite does contains silicates of Ca and Mg.See more
      I felt quite focussed during the day, but by 5pm I was getting a bit of a headache ... it felt like my brain-case was too hard. My lower back felt a bit stiff too. I had a lie down and I dri...fted into a nice relaxed and refreshing state for an hour or so.

    • Today, day 2, I feel quite 'bright'. In meditation the energy was quite definately 'stuck' in my head - normally I meditate on my heart chakra, which is usually a 'softer' slighly more diffuse feeling

    • On Day 3, yesterday, I felt SOFT. I let Sophoclese T. Cat sit on my knee for once. I found myself crying for the ooor old thing. The hardness of the remedy found something HARD in me to resonate with, Hard vs. Soft ... "Law of Similars", do you see

    •  Jade is also know as SANGYESHAM PISHTI, which is used to treat, kidney disorders and hypertension of cardiac and renal origin.
      It also helps children build bones and develop more intelligence.
      [Ref: NLAM].

      On Day 4, whilst doing the shopping I noticed that I felt exceptionally un-hurried, really just much more "chilled-out" than usual. Cool!

      HOWEVER, on Day 5 I felt well bothered about an incident last year, where I had to suppress my anger - ...in a situation where I HAD TO 'be nice' ... or get the sack. As a rule I don't like being nice when I'm annoyed. The conflict is that it feels like I'm letting myself down by being a pathetic wimp ... or worse, just being a daft tw*t for even being there. I'm a pushover. Too soft. 

      Too much thinking ... felt like some 'zzzzs'; woke feeling softer and quite fluffy. 
      Got a tune on my mind ...

      "Love is the answer ...
        ...Gotta let it grow" (John Lennon).

      Homeo' remedies can often point out buried, unresolved and ongoing emotions from the past! 
      P'haps the theme of the remedy : TOO HARD vs. TOO SOFT ...
      ... and its resonance, like water, finds it own level and then comes to rest in a balanced and peaceful place.   
      Where there is emotional hardness there is softening.  Where there is softness there is strength.

      P'haps the miasm of Jade is Cancer: "Things will be destroyed if I do not keep control" (Sankaran)

      Potential Use:  Where the emotions have become hardened by frustration and anger.  It is almost as if the fire of anger (Pitta) has baked the emotions dry.  All that's left is Vata - the intellect.  
      Perhaps its a remedy for those who never cry, but who really need to feel the softness of tears. 
      In terms of Scholten's Stages it seems to correspond with the middle and with right side of the Periodic Table.  Stage 9, which just before the peak is only satisfied with perfection.  Stage 11 is just over the peak, feeling slightly disenchanted and needing a little extra impetus to get back on top. There is more struggle in Stg 12. Quite like a tired old 'Carcinosin'. Stage 13 has almost reached the point of giving up.  
      Jade may be helpful in resolving the crisis of confidence found in all of these stages.

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Hello Experts, I have been suffering from Chronic Fistula coupled with fissures. The fistula has been there since the past 10 yeasr or so. Initially I used to get a painful lump in the anal area once in a about 6-8 months. This used to be medicated with a course of anti-biotics to heal. But [...]
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Symptoms, by definition portray negative states. These frequently emerge under the influence of alcohol!  When the alcohol starts to flow we can play a romantic tune and begin to feel sorry for ourselves, usually reminiscing about the good old days when we we younger.  This is the state described by the Antimony rubric "reminiscing by moonlight" (if so, it is an excellent remedy for the morning after).

In that particular moment that is our focus and that is what needs to be cured.  The mood lifts when the remedy is given. Was it just the drink that brought this on though?  If so, everyone would have a similar experience, it is fairly common but not always so.  Ignis Alcohol has the rather similar symptom "outpourings of friendliness", so there is definitely a tendency for alcohol to produce a gentler mood.

If we find ourselves relying on alcohol quite frequently another aspect emerges.  It may be that we need it to improve our social life,  if this is the case we are no longer proving alcohol just for fun - there seems to be a deeper problem, a layer of loneliness, that is temporarily ameliorated by a few drinks and a bit of "pub cheer".  Antimony at a higher potency could be indicated, its a Stage 15 remedy and that is the stage where we start to disconnect.

Other remedies for hangover include Ran-b, Cocculus, Coffea and Nux-v.  If the alcohol induced mood is dull, morose and confused with a turmoil of recriminations, Cocculus may help. Nux vomica has even darker aspects than Antimony.  It's well known for its ambition, and that leads to impatience and fault-finding, and an intolerance of contradiction under which lurks a deeper layer of despondency.  These are perhaps the guys who will give you a black eye for accidentally spilling their drink!

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mild pain and discomfort in the anus after passing tools and appearance of small cyst occasionally at the mouth of anus.can you suggest a good homeopathy medicine without side affects for cure and permanant remedy. suffering for about three years.A local homeopathy specialist at mumbai(INDIA) gave me KALI IOD-200 for about six to eight months [...]
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   Ericales - Coldness and Aversion.

Cornaceae and Ericaceae:

There are two familiar remedies in the Cornales, both malarial. Both have heat flushes alternating with chills, C. Alerniflora has the sensation of having a "chest full of ice". The theme of coldness continues in the Ericales which are cold and often rheumatic remedies. The remedy states found in the Ericaceae are very pessimistic with loss of purpose a sense of being wounded. This might be as a result of some disaster, the delusions of shame and remorse suggest regrets which could brought on by a moral dilemma.


The theme of morality is found in the primulacea too. Cyclamen has a strong sense of being disgraced, with self-reproach, grief and inner darkness. Anagalis, another very attractive flower, is a well known remedy for gonorrhoea, which is usually associated with secrecy and sexuality. It could well be described as a "sexual" remedy, reflecting the theme of morality once more.


The remedy Thea is associated with agitation, trembling and shaking, reflected on the mental level with impulsive thoughts leading to an irritable state accompanied by a feeling of loss of control. There is also malice, aversion and disgust. In contrast, some provers report a delight in witty banter. In another context, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, it is associated with quiet and sober refinement.

Japanese Green tea contains more Selenium and Chromium than black China tea, which improves its antioxidant properties. Brazil nuts (Lecythidaceae) are also a member of the ericales and a well known source of Selenium. Some of these ericaceae themes may be due to the presence of Selenium, a Stage 16 remedy; there are amorous dreams, lascivious fancies, impotence and a deficiency of ideas.

Selenium in Fruits: Banana, Breadfruit Guava, Lychee, Mango, Pomegranite. In Nuts: Amaranth Brazils Cashew Coconut

Conclusion: A proverb, "Malice drinketh its own poison".


5-Factor - Ericales [Highly negative factors depicted as low scores]
  1. Extraversion: Not Outgoing.
  2. Agreeableness: Antagonistic.
  3. Conscientiousness: No trust.
  4. Neuroticism: Sadness. Hysterical.
  5. Openness: Hopeless. Withdrawn.

In contrast to coldness and aversion we also find cheerfulness, elation and exhilaration. In Anagalis, for example there is excitement, trembling and a state of tremulous weakness. There are abundant ideas and a sense of mental power which can become manic.

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Title: Neurology and Heart Disease with Dr. A.U. RamakrishnanLocation: Marine Hotel, Aberystwyth, West Wales, UKLink out: Click hereDescription: Module one (Neurology and Heart Disease ) of a six module course run every April and October.Date: 2012-04-21
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There is more that one way to study the phenomenon we normally think of as personality. Researchers have considered many different perspectives, usually developmental, or psychological or social. Other systems use the elements, pressure points or the pulse - think of Tibetan Medicine, T.C.M. and Ayurvedic Medicine. They all attempt to describe and measure our personal state in some way, either from physiological indicators or from the investigation of our inner feelings and our impact on the world.

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Acid phos Q and china 200 use,please tell Asked by: Iqbal ANSWER You can read about these remedies here: http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-books-online/keynotes-homeopathic-remedies/ It is clear from your question that you should not be prescribing for yourself or anyone else. However, by reading this material you will get a broader sense of how complex the answer to your [...]
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  Dr. Scholten describes Stage 8 as "The Struggle".  It the kind of situation that occurs when the project is already well under way. 

It's nearing completion. You already have the  planning permission, the techniques,  the experience and the structure. You just have have to overcome the inertia of any remaining challenges - and you need to exert a lot of power to keep to your deadlines. The alternative is to keep refining and adding bits to please others -  it'll never be finished ... stuck in Stage 8!

Each series (row) of the Periodic Table has its own sphere of expression.  The sphere of the Ferrum Series is at work, the Silver Series is in creativity, the Lanthanide Series is in inner power the Gold Series is in outer power and the Uranium Series is in intuition and wisdom.

- The Stage 8 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Ferrum.  All the Ferrums  want to protect themselves but they are usually obliged to  put up with "the rules of the game", so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard.  

In Ferrum the feeling is that someone is out to take their place.  This means they have to struggle to protect their rights.  The result is that they can't tolerate intrusion or contradiction, the pressure is on, so they compensate by becoming very stubborn, hard and resolute.  They want to overcome any interference.

- The Stage 8 remedy of the Silver Series is Ruthenium.   In this series the focus is on performance and perfection.  They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Ruthenium the struggle is to force their creativity to the fore.  Their creation has to be accepted.  They are enthusiastic and proud of their work and are annoyed by interference.  Opposition is experienced as an extra pressure.

- The Stage 8 remedy of the Lanthanides is Samarium.  The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength.  Their efforts are directed toward achieving  strength of mind.

In Samarium the struggle is to prove their autonomy.   They use their inspiration and inner power to create a new model of Spiritual Freedom. Its not perfect yet so they work on their own to consolidate their approach - the experts and the critics seem to be way behind them. They want neither help nor interference.

- The Stage 8 remedy of the Gold Series is Osmium.  The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility.  They use their power to rule - for better or for worse.

In Osmium the struggle is to consolidate their leadership.  They are resolute and can be relentless.  Their strategy is the only way forward and opposition has to be completely crushed for the benefit of all.

- The Stage 8 remedy of the Uranium Series is Plutonium. The focus of this series is on intention and intuition.  In Plutonium the challenge must be to perfect their accomplishments and powers.  The opposition must be within - distraction ... the tendency of the mind to wonder off on irrelevant matters.

Reflection: The "struggle and pressure" of Stage 8 sound a bit like Carcinosin, or at least the beginnings of the Cancer Miasm:

Dr. Sankaran, "Stretching over the limit to keep things in control".

Biblio: The Minerals, Elements and Lanthandies books by Dr. Scholten.

Stage 8 is represented is the homeopathic literature by the Myth of Sysiphus.

A Buddhist teacher defined stress as "the gap between what we want and what we actually get".

The more we grasp on to what we want, the more we expect the world to be the way we would like it to be, the bigger and heavier the boulder grows.

The moment we let go and accept the world as imperfect the delusion of the heavy boulder and the steep slope vanishes into emptiness.

There is no real happiness in Samsara. Happiness comes from a peaceful mind.

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I am having sleep disorders since long time 10-12 yrs. My mind is not getting stopped in night.thoughts are continuously coming at night. thoughts are dangerous, normal ar any type.due to this I don't feel freshness in morning. since last 6 to 8 months I have muscle stiffness on right neck, shoulder, back, Knee.Kindly guide [...]
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The keywords for Stage 9 are "Analysis" and "Philosophy".
In Stage 9 analyisis and philosophy are the weapons of wisdom that we choose, and they depend on our whits. We would much rather use our whits than our power to dominate others...  we would rather try to earn their respect. 

We explore and understand our mind in order to antidote its delusions and be free of its boundaries.

Def: Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. The technique has been applied in the study of mathematics and logic since before Aristotle.

Def: Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing fundamental questions  by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek (philosophia), which literally means "love of wisdom".

Consider the positive aspects of the Remedies of Stage 9, which indicate a fresh, lively mind  ...

  • Cobalt: Excitement. Exhilaration. Abundant Ideas. Rapid Thoughts.
  • Rhodium: Affectionate. Cheerful. Excitement. Introspection.
  • Europium: Understanding. Smartness.
  • Iridium:  Affectionate. Intelligent. Mental agility. Heightened Awareness. Mystical.
What could possibly go wrong?  Iridium is the most powerful remedy in this group.  Lets make up the story of Iridium from the rubrics in Encyclopedia Homeopathica.

"They are Hurried and Industrious, and have a beautiful and inspirational vision of the Universe, but the mental exertion causes dullness and they start postponing everything to next day. As time goes by and stresses mount the memory becomes weaker, they make mistakes and they become intolerant and impatient.  It seems as if everyone else is too slow.

Eventually mental exertion becomes too much, they experience changeable moods, anger and sadness, and want to be left alone.   They reproach themselves as much as they reproach others. The beautiful vision is no more.

Finally they become discouraged, indifferent and self-absorbed. They  become detatched, empty, alone and estranged from their partner. Ultimately their antagonism with themselves, their abstraction, disconnection and their confusion mount up to a sense of unreality and even depersonalisation.   

Like the Nietzsharian Superman they disappear into a black cloud."

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Regarding health problem of stomach pain on left side? regarding health problem of stomach pain left side.i am suffering from 2 year . and the reports are normal.but in the report mention last point is impression:- 1) no sonographic abnormality detected. at present report of 09-11-2011 .and previous report last point is impression :- minimally [...]
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 Preparation and Postponing in the Stage 5 Remedies.

Dr. Scholten describes Stage 5 as “Preparation”.   The project is just starting.  It looks huge. You  have the  planning permission, the techniques but no previous experience or structure. Its very easy to get discouraged, and postpone things - if you do you get stuck in Stage 5!

  The sphere of doubt in the Ferrum Series is at work, in the Silver Series it is in creativity, in the Lanthanides it is in the outer expression of our inner power, in the Gold Series is in absolute outer power and in the Uranium Series is in intuition and wisdom.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Vanadium.  All the Ferrums  want to protect themselves but they are usually obliged to  put up with “the rules of the game”, so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard. 

In Vanadium the feeling is of doubt.  They want success but feel that they might not be able to complete the project.  They are tortured by their fear of failure. The result is that they become indecisive.  They can loose sight of their goals and start to worry about little things.

* Ailments from domination - history of excessive parental control.
* Confidence - want of self-confidence.
* Fear, failure of.
* Irresolution.
* Yielding disposition.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Silver Series is Niobium.   In this series the focus is on performance and perfection.  They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Niobium they doubt  their creativity.  They feel their ideas are special and want to strike out on their own. They set their goals high, but then the projects seems unrealistic.  They are easily slighted and hurt. Their creation will never be perfect  and the whole thing becomes a burden.  They can get stuck on the preparations.  They don't know if they can do it or not and become apathetic.  They would love attention and admiration but they fear that they are not good enough.

* Fear - failure of - examinations, in.
* Dreams - mistakes, of making.
* Hurry.
* Haughty.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Lanthanides is Praesodymium.  The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength.  Their efforts are directed toward achieving and expressing strength of mind.

In Praesodymium they doubt that they can prove their autonomy.  They are very cautious because their plans are easily flattened - pushing themselves forward feels dangerous.  They are afraid to say what they feel to some degree (not as much as Lanthanum or Cerium).   Their realisations are a bit naive but still quite genuine. 

In Praesodymium there is an urge to really start to confront the shadow and accomplish self-control.

* Hesitating to be autonomous.
* Hesitating to learn self-control.
* Hesitating to delve into the shadow.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Gold Series is Tantalum.  The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility.  They use their power to rule – for better or for worse.

In Tantalum they doubt that they can be a  leader.  They have a strong desire to reach the top but their plans are not very well defined and their expectations are unrealistic. They don't really know how to put their plans into practice and spend ages on the details.  They need a lot of encouragement or they will hesitate.  If they become too arrogant someone will slap them down.

* Delusions, superiority of.
* Haughty.
* Intolerant of contradiction.
* Fear falling of.
* Dreams - poisoned, being. Failures.


Reflection: Once you get the context of rubrics thier meanings become clearer.

For example, what could "Dreams of being poisoned" signify in stage 5?

In the Gold Series its a feeling that someone's going to obstruct your rise to power.

In the Lanthanide Series its a feeling that other peoples ideas "poison" or damage your beliefs.

In the Silver Series its a feeling that other people poison or obstruct your creative ideas.

In the Ferrums petty people and rules interfere with your work.

Conclusion: Being poisoned, damaged, or obstructed becomes a common theme within the context of stage 5. In Stage 6 one starts to overcome these obstructions, in Stage 8 we force our way through them and by Stage 9 they are merely irritating.

Biblio: The Minerals, Elements and Lanthanides books by Dr. Scholten.

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Dear Sir, I am suffering from infection from dairy products, when ever i used to drink milk or eat any dairy product from past 8 mnths i used to have loose motion . Asked by: saurav ANSWER There are numerous remedies that have aggravation from dairy products. Your case must be taken by an experienced [...]
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An experience with Cerium Flouratum

I decided to do a small proving of a Cerium compound because I often find myself giving way too easily, which is a strong characteristic of the remedies on the Left Side of the Lanthanide and Gold series.

Right after taking the remedy the Sensation was that I didn't want anyone to come near me or touch me in any way.  Like it would be a violation of my privacy.  Didnt even want eye contact, not shy, more a feeling of "KEEP OFF - I don't want to share what I'm feeling with you, you wouldn't understand it anyway. I don't care for your opinion." 
It was a bit like the sensation of being in a Bell Jar describe by Dr. Scholten. I could also compare it to Thuja's feeling of being fragile or made out of glass.  It's a sensitive almost clairvoyant state, but I would describe it as reverse clairvoyance - reverse because its unwanted.

On the second day I  the Flouratum aspects of this extra aware, sensitive state came to the fore ... it felt enlivening, a bit like Sepia .  I started to enjoy it, especially with people I know.  I felt more compassionate and giving.
(Themes: Transparency. Acceptance. Warmth. Sexual)

On the third day  I have a feeling of not being very competant.  I'm not quite as sure of myself as usual. I dont normally trust anyone's experience but now my arrogance has dissipated.  I'm starting to listen to what people say and take them seriously ... its as if i'v lost my bearings and need guidance from outside.  Its a worrying, scary feeling.
(Theme: Boundary, Self-doubt)

On the last day I realise that the boundary is a problem of non-communication. I normally blame myself for not elucidating my point properly, but now I blame them more for not being on the ball.  It feels like I'v got something in perspective.. the balance of mis-communiction ie.  your fault or my fault?  Not blaming myself anymore. Calmly feel that i'm standing my ground.  At the same time if realize that I'v lost my usual cynical defenses.  I'm feeling rather powerless.
(Theme: Boundary. Powerlessness)

The remedy was not a great personal success. I found myself giving way more than ever! Cerium seems to have a profound lack of confidence and it seems to have a need to be left alone. Its a feeling of being delicate and fragile - not wanting to be put upon.  It feels as it the Flouratum forces the emphasis towards the sexual sphere. Together Cerium + Flouratum create a feeling of being smaller (Cerium), different (Flouratum) and on the edge (Lanthanides have a feeling of being a unique individual) 


Ultimately we create our own barriers or walls, because we want protect ourselves from change. We want a safe haven, a resting place where the currents of change can't harm us. But life is impermanant and ever-changing.  In the Cerium experience my barriers seemed to fall away a little and engender a feeling of transparency.

Cerium is already known as a very withdrawn and autistic remedy. The feeling is that other people are too insensitive to be worth talking to.

To Cerium individuals it seems that you just cant win so its better to withdraw. Everyone takes on the aspect of an abusive alcoholic father.

We can go into a state rather like Cerium when we try something new - when everything seems new and unfamilar our boundaries are open, our senses are on high alert and we are flooded with impressions.

We can begin to feel quite small and insignificant.

If we dont get over this feeling Cerium will help.

Situation: Relocation. A new Job. A shy child at a new school (Cerium Phos). Cerium Phos is one of those Lanthanide combinations that produce a double impact ... In this case the impact is on boundaries.

I have also seen this lack of boundaries at festivals. There can be an initial sense of euphoria, but it can easily change.

It can also happen in spiritual communities... we loose oursleves in the ethos or the teachings.

Further Reflections - like cures like?

A remedy that is known for withdrawal and lack of confidence does not always cure a lack of confidence. Cerium is very much on the back foot - she really doesnt feel the need to overcome anything, the strategy is to withdraw, so the confidence to overcome challenges isn't the main issue at this stage.

Is the solution to go "allopathic" and give a remedy that is known for it extemes of confidence ... like Samarium, which is well know for its challenging nature?   In fact, even if the subject has a challenging nature, the external challenge can be so HUGE that they can feel a lack of confidence.  

The resonance of "like cures like" is in the subjects strategy towards handling the challenge.  To thrive Samarium has to make the challenge ...

The essence of Samarium is:
"I feel self-confident and assertive. The sensation is that I am who I am. I WILL prevail."

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what homeopathy medicine I can use for stomach wound infection. Its blue green colour. she is diabectic. Asked by: paru ANSWER You need to see a doctor immediately. Do not wait! This is a dangerous situation. If you wish to see a homeopathic doctor, contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You [...]
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...One remedy will not do for another,‭ ‬and we are always thrown back on the actual symptoms of the provings as our only sure guide‭ ‬...‭ (‬M.L.Tyler‭ ‬1952‭)(‬A‭§‬118‭)‬.

Our job is to match the symptom picture of the remedy to the patient.‭  ‬Our knowledge of the Materia Medica and the action of‭  ‬remedies can come from various‭ ‬sources.‭  ‬The main,‭ ‬and most rigorous source is from classical full provings.‭  ‬Another important source is from shared clinical experiences‭ ‬-‭ ‬cases.‭  ‬Recently‭  ‬data from dream or meditative provings have been published.‭  ‬In Dr.‭ ‬Sankaran's seminars each member of the group simply‭  ‬places the remedy under their pillow and then reports back to the group.‭ ‬Mediative provings can be as simple as just handling the substance and contemplating the thoughts and feelings that arise.‭   ‬Any sceptic could try handling a vial of Plutonium Nitricum.‭  ‬It is notorious for introducing chaos and destruction into our lives‭!‬  On the face of it these‭  ‬methods may seem unreliable or even fanciful but many key symptoms have subsequently been confirmed by full provings,‭ ‬so they too have a‭ "‬provisional‭" ‬place in our‭ ‬literature.‭ 

A contemporary variation on Hahnemman's original method was the proving questionnaire developed by Brian and‭ ‬Lewith.‭  ‬It comprised a selection of predefined remedy specific symptoms.‭ ‬Its purpose was to validate original provings.

Another method of evaluation of remedy data,‭ ‬which is being developed in Homeopathy is the Randomised Controlled Trial which tries to measure the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment of diseases upon trial subjects.‭   ‬Problems using the traditional scientifically accepted‭  ‬type of trials‭  ‬arise from the‭   ‬idea that homeopathy operates according to a paradigm that is different from conventional‭ ‬“allopathic‭”‬medicine which usually treats disease‭ (‬a pathogen‭) ‬as if it is an entity which must be killed or destroyed.‭ 

Homeopathy treats the totality of symptoms‭ ‬-‭ ‬the person not the disease.‭  ‬In both paradigms the goals are similar and the assessment of the efficacy of a medicine in both cases is evaluated by measuring the outcome as a healing response and some degree of resolution of the chief complaint.

Objectives of a Proving

A proving is the traditional method for evaluating the medical properties of a substance.‭ ‬The proving trial initially focuses on the question of whether the homeopathic remedy has any effect of any sort‭; ‬it is a question directed at the thesis that there may not be anything substantial,‭ ‬or‭ ‬“real,‭”‬ in homeopathic remedies in the first place.‭ 

 The first proving was conducted in‭ ‬1790‭ ‬by Hahnemann on Cinchona bark because some of the symptoms sounded similar to‭ ‬malaria.‭  ‬The only way to ascertain the validity of‭ ‬this was by direct experience,‭ ‬which means to ingest the substance and record the subsequent symptoms.‭  ‬Provings do not usually go as far as producing serious physical pathology‭ ‬-‭ ‬although many stalwart Homeopaths have done this E.g.‭ ‬Herings poisoning from the Bushmaster‭ (‬Lachesis‭)‬.

Suitable subjects‭ (‬A‭§‬126‭)

During the proving process,‭ ‬Hahnemann administered remedies to healthy volunteers.‭ ‬His rationale was that a substance that produces symptoms in healthy subject can be used to help the sick(A‭§‬108‭)‬.‭  ‬The healthy volunteers should include sensitive trained observers,‭ ‬because as Hahnemann says in the organon,‭  ‬they will provide the largest amount of‭ ‬symptoms.‭  ‬Sherr's MOPMEC scale can be used to measure both health and sensitivity.‭  ‬Should we include less healthy subjects‭?  ‬These can provide us with valuable curative results but are less useful in determining the pure action of the substance‭ (‬A‭§‬107‭) ‬.‭ ‬As long as the limitations and parameters are known,‭ ‬variety is acceptable in a proving‭ (‬authors‭ ‬supposition‭!)‬.‭  ‬The proving would yield some symptoms common to the group.‭ ‬These would be the‭ "‬common ground‭" ‬of the substance.‭ ‬Then there would be the idiosyncratic,‭ ‬odd and curious symptoms‭ ‬-‭ ‬perhaps some of these make up the modalities and S.R.P.s of the substance(A‭§‬117‭)‬.‭

A Standardised Methodology

Preparation,‭ ‬Hahnemann says you have to be objective and become the unprejudiced observer:‭ ‬Aphorisms‭ §‬105‭ ‬and‭ §‬145‭ (‬double-blind‭)‬.‭  ‬Traditionally we do not give either supervisors or provers a preconceived idea about the remedy.‭ ‬We don't go into the proving looking for things‭ ‬-‭ ‬it is treated as a‭ "‬tabla-rasa‭" (‬clear slate‭)‬.‭ ‬That is also the approach in drug trials‭ ‬-‭ ‬anything else in considered to be unscientific.‭  ‬Some rigorous provings use a placebo control group.

‭ ‬The roles of the group and protocols are established.‭   ‬We always use a pure substance.‭  ‬If we mix two substances no one will know which substance produced which symptom.‭   ‬A highly reactive mixture of Potassium and Iodine‭ (!)  ‬is not the same as the compound Kali Iodatum.‭

The remedy must be potentised and triturated‭ (‬A‭§‬123‭)‬.‭  ‬In the case of a liquid the substance is diluted by one drop to one hundred.‭ ‬Alcohol is sometimes used as it has preservative qualities.‭  ‬So to make a‭ ‬3C potency add one drop to‭ ‬100ml,‭  ‬one drop is taken from this‭ ‬100ml solution and added to the next‭ ‬100ml.‭  ‬You then succuss by banging the test tube on your Bible‭ (‬x10‭)‬.‭ ‬Repeat once more to get‭ ‬3C.‭  ‬If the substance is a solid it is usually crushed up‭  ‬with sac-lac using mortar and‭ ‬pestle.‭  ‬The dilution can be done by weighing out one gram and adding it too‭ ‬100g.‭ 

Proving‭ ‬-‭ ‬Provers take the remedy‭  ‬until symptoms are experienced‭ (‬A‭§‬131‭)‬.‭ ‬Usually one or two doses will suffice to challenge the Vital Force.‭ ‬Prover and supervisor then maintain daily contact and both take notes.‭  ‬Daily contact enables us to differentiate primary and secondary action.‭  ‬Many authors insist that the secondary action‭  ‬produces important symptoms toward the end of the proving‭ (‬De Shepper‭)‬,‭ ‬this may be because‭ ‬some substances have a longer cycle‭ ‬-‭ ‬compare Aconite and Causticum.

Extraction‭ ‬-‭ ‬Groups go through notes to extract valid mental,‭ ‬emotional and physical symptoms.‭ ‬The group meets to discuss their experiences.‭ ‬What needs to be noted‭ (‬after Boger-Boeninghausen‭)  ‬is the location,‭ ‬direction,‭ ‬speed,‭ ‬time and intensity of each symptom.‭  ‬Next modalities,‭ ‬concomitants and periodicity.‭  ‬These are collated to determine the characteristics on the basis of symptom totality.‭ ‬Then we highlight the keynotes and ideally‭ ‬describe the whole as a sequential development in time.‭ 

Repertorisation‭ ‬-‭  ‬Symptoms are graded according to their spread through the group.‭ ‬I believe‭ ‬Grade‭ ‬1‭ ‬means‭ ‬everyone experienced it,‭ ‬although Vithoulkas says Grade‭ ‬1‭ ‬is for cured symptoms‭ (‬which is indeed the case for qualification as Genus Epidemicus‭)‬.‭ 

Repertory submissions are collated and organised by chapter.‭ ‬Large common rubrics need qualifying to give precision‭ ‬-‭ ‬but if they are over-qualified there is a danger that the repertory will be filled with too many highly specific symptoms with only one remedy indicated,‭ ‬as happened with the Falcon proving.‭ 

The modern repertories of‭ ‬Sholten,‭ ‬Mirilli and Zandervoort‭ ‬include‭  ‬information which groups symptoms with remedies conceptually‭ (‬Periodically/Phylogenetically‭) ‬or thematically.‭  ‬Conceptual grouping gives these repertories an underlying structure by associating symptoms to their roots or origin e.g.‭ ‬Kingdom,‭ ‬Family,‭ ‬Species or Periodic hierarchy.‭  ‬Mirilli's thematic grouping associates remedies linguistically,‭ ‬which gives us an additional level of overlying structure.‭ ‬Jose says,‭ "‬symptoms are severed by being classified alphabetically‭"‬.‭  ‬Theoretically crossing rubrics from different sections should bring the picture back together again as a whole,‭ ‬but ultimately interpretation still relies on the user.

Publication‭ ‬-The substance is described in detail to give Homeopaths some idea of its Doctrine of Signatures,‭ ‬e.g.‭ ‬physical properties and raw toxological virulence‭ (‬taking‭ ‬30c of Plutonium is not the same as taking‭ ‬30c of gently acting remedies like Saffron‭ (‬Colchicum‭) ‬.‭  ‬There is also a chapter on Materia Medica which gives an account of the actual experiences‭ ‬-‭ ‬it is coded so that we can tell which prover developed the symptom and when.

Self-Reflection and‭  ‬Discussion‭ ‬-‭ ‬Problems of Affinity and Polarity.

Homeopathy already recognises that people and symptoms are unique.‭  ‬A wide range of experiences‭ ‬can be a good thing if our main object is to get a vision of the widest and deepest range of symptoms a substance can produce.‭ ‬Normally this is what we want from a proving.

Perhaps what we really need is a group of subjects who's suitability is defined by their probable affinity for the substance under consideration.‭ ‬How would we set that one up‭? ‬Perhaps a preliminary test could be carried out on the substance by an experienced Homeopath who would be able to give some preliminary guidelines about the nature of the beast.‭ ‬Or,‭ ‬maybe we could predict some of its expected parameters using the doctrine of signatures combined with our understanding of the Families or Stages‭? ‬Assume we have done some assessment of this nature and we are satisfied that we have at‭ ‬least some understanding of the substance.‭ ‬Next we match our subjects to these parameters.‭ ‬Easy-peasy.

Lets take an substance that isn't so well known,‭ ‬say Lutetium‭ (‬Stg‭ ‬17‭) ‬as a hypothetical example.‭ ‬To determine its clinical benefit we need a subject who would be likely to respond to it favourably‭ ‬...‭ ‬that's someone diagnosed with‭ "‬Stg‭ ‬17‭ ‬Syndrome‭"‬,‭ ‬for the arguments sake,‭ ‬say the profile fits a subject who's lost or abandoned their sense of inner power and feels resigned to taking an early retirement.

This subjects experiences would absolutely resonate with the substance and give us the depth of information that would be clinically useful.‭ ‬We would learn more about‭ "‬Stg‭ ‬17‭ ‬Syndrome‭" ‬and about the substance.‭ ‬We would be able to think about a Genus Epidemicus qualification for Lutetium‭ ‬-‭ ‬perhaps at level‭ ‬4‭ ‬-‭ ‬curative in at least one case.‭ ‬A good starting point for further investigation.

Polarity of Substance and Symptom

Now lets give Lutetium to another prover‭; ‬someone at the peak of their career‭ ‬-‭ ‬perhaps our‭ (‬Aurum‭) ‬College Director‭! ‬What are they likely to report‭? ‬Perhaps dreams of giving up their job and flying away,‭ ‬or perhaps a feeling that their work is done on this Eartly plane‭?

The question then comes,‭ ‬is that a characteristic of Lutetium‭? ‬It makes you want to escape into retirement‭? ‬Well the fact that we know it was our Director gives us a frame of reference from which we can evaluate the response.‭ ‬Logically you could say that if your are at the peak of your career you could experience indifference to work on taking‭ ‬Lutetium.‭ ‬So you want to submit the rubric...

‭"‬Indifference,‭ ‬business to‭"

Wait a mo‭' ‬...‭ ‬consider the first subject with‭ "‬Stg‭ ‬17‭ ‬Syndrome‭" ‬who was about to take early retirement‭ ‬...‭ ‬would they report a change of heart‭? ‬So much so that their experience was summed up by the rubric...

‭"‬Enthusiasm,‭ ‬business for‭"

Which rubric would you submit‭?

What we are looking at are the so-called‭ ‬POLARITIES of Lutetium.‭ ‬It is the lower extreme of the polarity that was curative.‭ ‬The higher polarity was damaging‭ (‬at least to our Director‭)‬.

Perhaps,‭ ‬at the very least,‭ ‬we should annotate the rubric to signify the polarities as either high or low...‭ ‬but you have to know the prover to do that.‭ ‬If our Director joins in the proving anonymously the frame of reference is gone and the both rubrics get published.

Then we study the rubrics and then start wondering if,‭ ‬clinically it will produce indifference or enthusiasm‭!

(A‭§‬105-145‭) = ‬Organon‭ ‬:‭  ‬Aphorisms from chapter IV,‭ ‬Acquiring a Knowledge of Medicine.
Vithoulkas‭ ‬-‭ ‬Science of H'pathy,‭ ‬Ch‭ ‬10.
Sholten:‭ ‬Repertory of the Elements.
Mirilli:‭ ‬Thematic Repertory.
Nile:‭ ‬Plant Kingdom Database.
Jeremy Sherr:‭ ‬http://www.hpathy.com/interviews/jeremy-sherr-1.asp
Stages to a proving:
‭ ‬http://robertfield3.wordpress.com/homeopathy-tips/homeopathy-tips-for-70709-provings/

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Wound is on Stomach. it is surgical wound It is over two years and it has not healed, Even after changing many different types of dressing. Are there any medicines she can use without any side effect Asked by: paru ANSWER Yes there are remedies for such wounds. Please contact a homeopath who will take [...]
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Homeopathy resonates with our symptom picture

Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of healing. Homeopathy focuses on you as an individual, concentrating on treating your specific physical and emotional symptoms. To stimulate your body's own healing process, a remedy closest to your individual symptom picture is prescribed. 

Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by resonating with your inner being and gently boost the immune system and the natural energy of the body.

The Mineral Kingdom resonates with Structure

Homeopathic remedies derived from the elements of the Periodic Table are needed when we feel something is lacking in the structure of our lives. This can become an issue when our circumstances suddenly change. Perhaps when we change our job or move house, or when someone we rely upon is no longer around. At these times of stress we often find a void open under our feet where there was once firm ground.

Final year research project - the Lanthanides

The Lanthanides Research Project is based on the work of Jan Scholten over the last decade. The emphasis of this group of "mineral" remedies is upon our inner world. The Lanthanides have been found to resonate with our sense of Self Reliance and Autonomy and improve our intuition and sensitivity to what is really essential in our own lives. 

They can promote a sense of inner power which affects all aspects of our lives. This enables us to stand up for ourselves and make life-changing decisions without hesitation. We become more reflective, peaceful, calm and self-actualised. 

Contact: If you live in the North West (Chester/Manchester/Mersyside) and would like to take part in this research project at reduced cost drop me a line. 

Steph at Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите..

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There is a mudra called Apaana Mudra. This is formed by touching top portions of middle finger, ring finger and thumb. There need not be any pressure while the portions are kept in touch. The other two fingers need to be kept as shown. The mudra to be done with both hands and kept…

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According to Dr. Scholten the Stage 2 Group personalities are insecure and need appreciation and support.   

The depth of insecurity can be seen in the degree of outer threat that can be perceived in the rubrics. In Beryllium they fear abandonment. In Calcera they fear that their ineptitude will result in poverty. In Strontium the feeling is that people are criminals and out to get them. In Lanthanum and Baryata the feeling is that they might even be murdered. 

They will flourish when they feel supported. Their well know aversion to being watched comes from a fear of criticism, which is like poison to them.  It destroys everything they do. The only answer is to become conscientious ... perfectionists.  

In the Carbon Series (Beryllium) it destroys their identity, which depends on feelings of self-worth, the feeling is that "I am worthless".
  • CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence - support; desires
  • DELUSIONS - meaningless; everything is
  • FEAR - failure, of/SENSITIVE - criticism; to
In the Silica Series (Magnesium) it destroys their relationships at home.  The feeling would be expressed as "I am unwanted".
  • FORSAKEN feeling
In the Ferrum Series (Calcium) it destroys their ability to contribute anything. The feeling might be "I can't do anything right".
  • ANXIETY - anticipation; from
  • CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
  • FEAR - poverty, of
In the Silver Series (Strontium) it destroys their ability to think and create.  It could feel as if "My ideas are ignored and have no value".
  • HAUGHTY/SENSITIVE - criticism; to
  • DELUSIONS - criminals, about
The nearest remedy in the Lanthanide Series is Lanthanum (Stage 3).  They don't want to be dominated and Criticism destroys their will and their ability to stand up for their inner beliefs.  It could feel like "My beliefs are insignificant".
  • HAUGHTY/DELUSIONS - alone, being
  • OFFENDED, easily
  • FEAR - murdered, of being
In the Gold Series (Barium) it destroys their ability to take responsibility.
  • HAUGHTY/DELUSIONS - alone, being
  • FEAR - murdered, of being

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