Homeopathy Refined - семинари

S4TEACHER: Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia

"Choosing the Kingdom - Solution to your problems in practice"

DATE: September, 22
GMT (London) - 3,30PM
CET (Brussels) - 4,30PM
Los Angelis (California) - 7,30AM
Ottawa (Canada) - 10,30AM
IST (Mumbai) - 8PM
Tokyo (Japan) - 11,30PM






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Cases By Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia B.H.M.S. (India)


  • Are you eager to learn sensation method?
  • Do you have problems reading and understanding materia medica?
  • Do you desire some help to improve your homeopathy?

We are here to help you…

We have very systematic methods to improve your personal development in understanding of art of prescribing, so you have very easy and smooth ways to deal with the cases and have consistent results.

Homeopathy is very difficult to practice for lots of homeopaths, so they practice other alternatives along with it or they use mother tinctures and specifics or use combinations.

The reason is they don't understand homeopathy properly, they have drugs but don't know how to use them according to low of similar and low of minimum dose, they didn't know how to use the magic of "Exact matching". They have everything - lots of books, the biggest materia medica but they lack the "systematic approach" in order to find the exact matching.

During this course we are making you aware of various tools which will help you use the various methods so you will be able to take the case systematically and analyze precisely leaving no room for "Doubts".

The course is designed to guide you through the journey from confusion to clarity so I will share whatever I learn from my teachers and from my practical experience.

My one and only intention and motto of this entire course is to "Share what I learn" and I believe the sharing is the only way to create awareness of real homeopathy. Suppose our masters didn't share with us then we wouldn't have that beautiful system? Am I right?



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