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kalathia-homeopathySystematic approach in homeopathy – Modern interpretation
TEACHER: Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia

START DATE: October, 18
Duration - 6 months; Includes 24 Sessions of webinar based live and recorded lectures


This is an unique ONLINE course specially designed for students and practitioners, who know nothing and everything about "Sensation method". The aim of this course is to prepare yourself for practicing the best homeopathy and help you to master multiple systems so you can gain consistent results. 

We gain confidence when we know multiple ways to find the right remedy for our patient, when we know a lot of techniques and also when we know how to apply these different methods in our practice.


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- Presents you the hardest topics in the simplest way...

- Provides you a platform to grow ...

- Gives you the opportunity to discuss everything you find confusing...

- Creates a beautiful group where you can share and discuss your successes as well as failures...

- Mentors you while you are developing your understanding by different kinds of tests...

- Provides you with tons of material to read...

- Shows  live (Skype* based) cases, so you can feel the process of case taking and easily digest the way of understanding the case...

- We will guide you in your personal cases where you weren't able to find right remedy... (Directly via Skype* or via transcript)

[*For Skype based work you need to pay consulting charges that you can obtain from the cases]







Ghanshyam Kalathia B.H.M.S. 
is a licensed doctor and homeopath who practices classical homeopathy since 2004.
He works in his clinic in Ahmedabad, state of Gujarat, India. Doctor Kalathia presents himself as a follower of the Sensation Method but his understanding of the remedies and his approach to Materia Medica are placing him closer to Frans Vermeulen and Johnathan Shore as he explores in depth both standard and most modern Materia Medica.
He publishes actively in the most reputable websites in the world and is well accepted mostly due to the freshness of his scientific ideas and his talant to get an inside of the patient's picture and the nature of the remedies. 



The course in HomeoHelp Holistic School is divided into 3 modules in which you will have to learn the entire process of development step by step. Duration - 6 months; Includes 24 Sessions of webinar based live and recorded lectures.


Animal kingdom sessions:
Session-1 Sub-kingdom Insects

What are the general themes of insects?

Their expressions in general

Their way of talking pattern and general nature

Why they are so much busy/ restless?

Session-2: Sub-kingdom Spiders

General themes of spiders

Order wise classification and general themes (1) Mygalomorpha (2) Araniomorpha

Different Survival strategies of spiders

Difference between spiders and insects

Session-3: Sub-kingdom Snakes

General sensations of snakes

Classification of the snakes (1) Viperadea (2) Crotalinea (3) Boadea

Survival strategies of the snakes

Difference between snakes and spider

Difference between snakes and mammals

Session-4: Sub-kingdom Mammals

General themes of mammals

Mammalian classification (1) Prey and (2) Predator

Survival strategies of mammals

Difference between mammals and Birds

Session-5: Sub-kingdom Birds

General themes of birds

Classifications of the birds (1) Prey and (2) Predetor

Survival strategies of the birds

Difference between birds and mammals


Session-6: Sub-kingdom Mollusk

General themes of mollusk
Classifications (1) Bivalvia (2) Cephalopoda (3) Gatropoda
Survival strategies
DD of mollusk


Mineral Kingdom sessions:

Session-7: Structure of Mineral Kingdom. Overview of Series and Columns.

Session-8: Serries-1 and 2

General understanding of Hydrogen and Carbon series
Difference between Hydrogen series and Carbon series
Beautiful way to understand the development through birth process
Wonderful experience of most panicky remedies


Session-9: Silicium series

General themes of entire series

Most worldly experience of the developing stages
Subtle differences in the development of ego
Importance of The identity and opinion

Session-10: Ferrum series

General themes of entire series
Fight between Insecurity v/s solidity
Now I have power regarding strength and capacity to fight back
The ordinary world of "Routine workers"

Session-11: Silver series

General themes of silver series
The importance of show and desire for feed-back/ appreciation
The journey of "World of performers"
Exploring something new and be creative

Session-12: Gold series

General themes of Gold series
The issues of power and leadership
The detail study of "Highly responsible" peoples
Dependency v/s Independency

Session-13: Lanthanide and Actinide Series

Complete udnerstanding of hidden power of lanthanides
Lanthanides are super heros, who are searching for inner powers
Overloaded and ready to burst- Actinides
Preparing for death - Actinides
Explosive power of Actinides

Plant kingdom sessions:


Session-14 Common theme (Tight, Stiff, Unable to move)
Families: Anacardiaceae, Cactaceae, Cruciferae

Session-15 Common theme (Tight, Stiff, Unable to move)
Families: Euphorbiaceae, Hamamelidae, Primulaceae

Session-16 Common theme (Being together)
Families: Leguminosae, Malvales, Scrophularaceae

Session-17 Common theme (Being together)
Families: Lilifloreae, Conifers

Session-18 Common theme of (Pleasure and boredom)
Families: Labiatae, Piperaceae, Rubiaceae

Session-19 Common theme (Pleasure and boredom)
Families: Geraniales, Apocynaceae, Papavaraceae

Session-20 Common theme (Injury, violence, Over sensitiveness)
Families: Compositae, Papavaraceae, Ranaculaceae, Araceae, Theales

Session-21 Common theme (Shock)
Families: Loganiaceae, Magnolianeae, Umbeliferae

Session-22 Common theme (Squeezed, Twisted)
Families: Rutaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Violales

Session-23 Common theme (Changibility)
Families: Berberidaceae, Ericaeae

Session-24 Remaining all plant families
Families: Rosaceae, Nepenthales, Fungi



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Join one session from the course or view the recording: 



quotA wonderful tool to add to my case-taking skills! Dr. Kalathia is a generous and kind teacher who will "make you understand" every time. Even difficult concepts become clear under his tutelage. 

Manon Larose-Dasys, from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


quotWonderful class as any from Dr Kalathia! Here in Brazil the Sensation Method is not spread between homeopaths as it is in Europe, USA, India. So it is very nice to be in touch with such a good Master and to learn a method that enriches our understanding of Homeopathy and its curative potential !!!!

quotWonderful and very interesting case, where would we find the remedy and more of the provings from this extremely unsual case. I was thinking more on the lines of a Bovista (Puff Ball) when it Expands and blows out the air, it might have the sensation she was talking about, but there are no mind symptoms matching your case with Bovista, thank you very much for a wonderful case 3 months ago 
Perth, Australia



quotThank you for your mail and wonderful lectures. I enjoyed all of them. I am happy to know you and have you as a teacher.
Thank you also for the educative cases you share. I don't practice yet, but I am very keen in studying homeopathy.
So I don't have much to share now, but I would like to join your lectures or seminars. 
Marina Miteva, Turkey



quotThank you a lot. It's a great honour and pleasure. 


 quotD-r Kalathia, Thank you for your very well structured and easy to understand lessons this spring; I'm going to follow all your on line lectures in the future and hope, to see you once in person!  

D-r Milena Ilievska-Arsova






The Way to success and consistent results in homeopathic cases:
How does anybody become successful? When he is confident in his own way of working. We gain confidence when we know multiple ways to find the right remedy for our patient, when we know a lot of techniques and also when we know how to apply these different methods in our practice.


Journey of confusion to confidence:
We all have confusions for....

How to go deep in the case?

How to find the deepest core of the case?

How do we know at which level are we in the case?

How to obtain information from rigid cases where the patient is not ready to talk freely?

How to find a way to come out when we get blocked during history taking? How to proceed further from the dead end in the case?

How to find the perfect similimum?

How to apply the repertory artistically?

How to read and understand Materia Medica?

We obtain confidence by....

If we have systematic and perfect understanding how to obtain information from the case and how to understand the gathered information in the form of remedial language

If we try to understand the case instead of interpreting it

If we know the difference between expressions and experiences

If we are able to apply so many tools and techniques during history taking

If we have many techniques to obtain information from the patient

If we have multiple ways to deal with the case

If we divide our information and knowledge into small-small groups


Two ways to gain confidence....

(1) We need a lot of information and knowledge
(2) We need to understand that information so we can apply it easily in our practice.
The entire course is designed to provide you a lot of information and we will try to help you understand all this information in the simplest and easiest way, so hardest things will become easy for you. We will try to make them simple and easy by full explanations, plenty of examples, real expressions from the cases and beautiful case examples.




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