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HOST: Iman Navab and HomeoHelp Holistic School
DATE: Wednesday, April, 10, 2013

GMT (London) 3PM - 4PM
Ottawa (Canada) 10AM - 11AM
Los Angelis (California) 7AM - 8AM
CET (Brussels) 4PM - 5PM
IST (Mumbai) 19,30PM - 20,30PM


1Dear ALL, Friends and Colleagues,
Our beloved Vaikunthanath Kaviraj, the Prince of Homeopathy, Doctor of Plants, Father, Teacher, Author, Philosopher, Activist and Healer took his new journey on March 2, 2013.
Kaviraj is now free of the constraints of his earthly-life.
When we have no answers to all the questions 'why', we know that God is in control, and God is there by his side, Kaviraj is blessed with peace.

Dearest Kavi, you have touched and saved so many lives of humans, plants and animals, we are grateful and thankful for your gifts; your light remains with us, we are *quantumly entangled*, we love you forever!

If we want to remember and to talk about the Greatness of Human Spirit, we can do it talking about our Kaviraj.

For HomeoHelp Holistic School it is a great honour to initiate and to organize an online meeting of friends from all over the world in our virtual classroom.
We are immensely grateful to our precious friend Iman Navab for his willingness to be a host of this meeting because there is no other man in the world who knows Kavi better than Iman.

This is an international online event intended to celebrate the late master Vaikunthanath Kaviraj.
We will share memories and talk about his philosophy and teachings!
Let's commemorate this amazing teacher on April 10th.

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Kaviraj's Pearls
"Science is the behaviour of a 5 year old. Take it apart so you understand how it works. However, when taken apart, it no longer works. To study life, we must not investigate corpses. I say we have to be inclusive and not exclusive, if we are to understand the phenomena as they are. That begins with looking at the whole and then the parts fall into place."

    • "Our society is a society of suppression. Then follows education, which is meant to make you a memory bank, engaged in classification, enumeration and calculation. We have effectively been reduced to bookkeepers. Now is a good time to stop wasting time and daydreaming and go in the direction of some real science. This is my humble opinion."


    • "The microbe community is a veritable slime city, with all kinds of inhabitants, such as merchants, workers, farmers garbage collectors, expensive restaurants and so on, with several types of police, as well as an army, high-risers, highways and diverse transport systems. Some digest food, others are scavengers.

Another one has the capacity to digest what is indigestible to others. Some members in that community learn to digest the antibiotics and so 'resistance' comes about.

It is not that the virus becomes resistant, but that the antibiotic-um never reaches them again – other germs digest it first. Thus, it violates the orthodox parameters for treatment, which say that *the medicine used must be able to reach the seat of infection*. This is the way they paint the picture; I am quoting their pharmacopoeia!

Even if the viruses and other germs look different, they are also not mutations, but merely different members of the incredibly large community of microbes. That community has been studied – in the form of single microbes in isolation. It has never been studied as a whole, an entirety. They have no idea how many different members it has or what the function of each member is within the context of the whole. They would pretend they do from the few they studied in isolation."


    • "Health is in the true sense of the word living from love, which is felt by the heart and not by the brain. When the heart blossoms in love, the brain must retire. Nobody can explain the wonder of love, because it follows its own laws."





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