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Information about colorectal cancer cause, colorectal symtoms, colorectal cancer treatment or management with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for colorectal cancer.
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     I was attending the Miasm class given by Dr Aadil Kasim Chimthanawala MBBS, DMS. While talking about real sickness and the results of sickness, he mentioned that just like the body throws away real sickness, nature also could support the body in the cleansing process. He said that during…

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Information about what causes, colour blindness, colour blindness symptoms, colour blindness treatment with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for colour blindness.
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Daughter with final exams. One question asked, How do you feel about civil rights and healthcare? She asked me what I thought - I said I wish more $ were spent on PREVENTION through good lifestyle, diets, herbs and homeopathy to treat the individual instead of pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms after the fact. I was surprised to know she agreed w/me since she's a paramedic!  

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Cephalohematoma definition, causes, symptoms, cephalohematoma complications, diagnosis, cephalohematoma treatment with homeopathy medicine or homeopathic treatment for cephalohematoma.
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Does this make sense to you? How can a person be restored to health? Listening to Dr Lodi makes sense to me. It looks like he has thermascan photographs sitting on his desk.

A nice hopeful introduction to integrative CAM medicine. This medically trained doctor tells you that people who have virtually given up hope to live a long life can actually thrive after cancer or any other…

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Furuncle meaning, causes, sign and symproms, furuncle treatment with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for furuncle.
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There’s a push to create a universal vaccine against influenza pandemics that may be coming to fruition sooner than we know.
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Cardiac arrest definition, Information about cardiac arrest cause, cardiac arrest symptoms, cardiac arrest management with homeopathy medicines.
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A National Vaccine Policy comes in for severe criticism from experts.
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  Rhenium :: Gold Series : Stage 7 (Scholten theme – teamwork).


Stage 7 people are often described in the Homeopathic literature as control freaks - totally unable to delegate. They do this because they feel the need to keep their eye on the ball all the time - in case something goes wrong. They are not quite sure of themselves. Sometimes they hesitate if the challenge looms too large.

Rhenium, in the Gold Series, does have power, bags of it, they will take on all sorts of challenges, but sometimes  they just don’t have quite enough to get over the obstruction. Its not quite enough to feel totally comfortable and confident... so they are glad of a helping hand. A bit of cooperation is needed!

They can get into a failed state if there’s no one there to push them forward.  They become 'worriers'!

Is this the case?

First Proving impressions- Rhenium

I’v been in an unwanted Osmium crisis situation recently:

Day One -
As far as sensations go I’d describe Rhenium as primordial fire (P) + ether (V). Absolutely electric.

Rhenium gave a feeling of being able to share responsibility and delegate; being more able to ask to help, its not all down to me. I dont have to ’carry’ anyone. Others seem lees insignificant, their opinions more mature. I dont have to take responsibility for *Everything*. What a relief!
- Much less lonely; I can share feelings and worries that I have been stewing over. I’m becoming more open, trusting & loving!
I can just be me. I don’t have to be the Boss. ’
Just … let it be.
R E L A X !

Day Two -
I just got used to this relaxed feeling and enjoyed the weekend… The set of worries arising from that stressful crisis have just dissolved. It’s just hitory now. Its like the remedy dissolved one single big knot of stress that nothing else could untie – not even daily meditation.
The remedy just affected one part of my brain – more precisely than a laser. So that’s Stage 7 of the Gold Series in a nutshell – Rhenium: ’stress and worry arising from a crisis’.
Just to clarify, Rhenium didn’t make me want to take on the stress to Stage 8 – I don’t want to jump up and join an intensive care crash team. For me the familiar feeling of good old Stage 7 is just fine.

Other Stage 7 remedies

  Some of these themes are found in Promethium (Stage 7, Lanthanides). Here the emphasis is on inner resourcefulness and freedom. They feel quite strong so there is an element of exploration and testing: Scholten, ”They just want to be free in all kinds of situations”.
They want others to be strong too, so they combine cooperation with their own feeling of autonomy. An outer crisis where great responsibility is required can knock them into Stage 7 of the Gold Series. If the crisis is related to creativity the Stg 7 remedy from the Silver Series may be required – Technetium.

 Once you find a persons ’Home Stage’ (i.e. column of the Periodic TI able) you can help them through the different challenges of life found in the ’rows’ of the P. T.
Is there a ”Home Row’ of the P.T. for each of us? If so, it would depend on our habitual focus … If work is all that matters we are naturally focused on The Ferrum Series.

Stage 7 or the Ferrum series is magnesium (Maganum). The following rubrics show their concerns:
- Anxiety as if something bad is going to happen;
- Dreams of misfortune; Fear of misfortune;
- Cautious; Dreams bad luck

The ’Stage’ describes our level of comfort with stress, our comfort zone… its an equilibrium between our inner strengths and resources and the external opposing obstructions we encounter to our goals – from start to finish. We don’t always finish … our inner resources become exhausted, or are simply inadequate, and we can go no further.

An example from Footy Culture … Roy Hedgehog has landed the job of England Manager. How will he cope? He’s OK as long as popular opinion is behind him … without it he crumbles. So its Stage 7 for Roy.
Compare with Steve Keane (Blackburn Rovers) … the fans wanted him out – but he battled on to the bitter end without showing any signs of collapse … so Stage 8 for Steve?
What about King Kenny? Well, he’s done it all before, accepts victory or defeat with equanimity and good humor. He’s my Stage 10!

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World No Tobacco Day 31st May 2012.  

In the present days of Drug addiction and Abuse menace, Smoking, though considered to be a sort of minor vice, nevertheless can be the beginning also in the form of an entry to some other major vices leading to other addictions.Tobacco smoking has consistently been referred to as the single most important preventable cause of premature deaths. What are the Harmful effects of Tobacco?

 Tobacco chewing Causes Mouth…

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Information about endocarditis symptoms, causes, diagnosis,. endocarditis treatment with homeopathy medicines, or homeopathic treatment for endocarditis symptoms.
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Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic (Miasmatic), progressive (Miasmatic), painful inflammatory rheumatic disease (Pseudopsora), which affects the spinal joints, in particular the sacroiliac joints and the lumbar spine.

The disease typically begins in adolescence and young…

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Information about mitral stenosis symptoms, causes, mitral stenosis treatment or management with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for mitral stenosis symptoms.
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It appears that a new vaccine is being slipped into private clinics via the back door without anyone noticing. To understand the reason why, please read on.
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Information about causes of dental caries, toothache, homeopathy medicine or homeopathic treatment for teeth complaints or teeth affections.
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Some times we get stunted to see the self-diagnosis made by the patient comes true after doing the investigation! Fortunately, this happens only on rare occasions, hence the “diagnosis” given by the patients should be considered with precaution.

Among the public there is a trend to diagnose certain conditions on seeing some common symptoms. I remember one woman in our area who had “diagnosed” vitamin deficiency when her child had ulcers in the oral cavity. And she gave some vitamin…

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Delirium tremens definition, sign and symptoms, delirium tremens treatment with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for delirium tremens.
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Vaccines are becoming really big business in the world of veterinary medicine, just as with humans. It’s interesting that animal vaccines can be “released without large controlled challenge studies that are necessary prior to the release of human vaccines.”
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Information about causes of contact dermatitis, contact dermatitis symptoms, contact dermatitis treatment with homeopathy medicine, or homeopathic treatment for contact dermatitis.
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This blog, in honor of the Shavuot holiday, when the Israelite people celebrate the giving and receiving of the Ten Commandments.

Why GMO Is Not Kosher in my opinion?…

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Doctors paid by Merck Pharmaceuticals offered "suggestions" for refuting three of the most common myths about child vaccine safety. You have to read this to believe it.
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Do vaccines cause autism? This question has been the source of a heated debate for a long time and is explored in this article.
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A bombshell was probably dropped when the results of a completed macaque monkey (primates) study showed what happened to they were vaccinated. Here's why...
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 For fully formatted report and photographs, pl. see the attached pdf file.

Health Camp Report.pdf…

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Why would nurses, who vaccinate infants and children, refuse to get vaccinations for themselves even when a directive went out that all nurses must be vaccinated against this disease?
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After 17 years, the devastating injuries a five month old baby suffered after receiving a five in one vaccination from her doctor were finally acknowledged.
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Prevention and cure of diabetes can be made possible by the prevention of autoimmunity by homeopathy, which can help prevent the malignant diseases like cancer

When we discussed about cancer, we have shown how viruses changed the human DNA into viral DNA and produced cancerous cells. This condition of human body is caused when viruses are allowed to stay for…

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