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The Gleanings-XIX





Variola (Small-pox): To abort the disease: Sarracenia Purp.

Arrests pustulation of the pocks. Dose: 3rd to 6th. potency. (Boericke)


Skin Tan Easily under the Sun:           Tub.


Unhealthy Skin, Little Injury Suppurates:        Borax

Every little cut or scratch…

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ( PID)

define inflammation of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and may clinically presents as lower abdominal pain, Tenderness, Back pain, foul smelling copious vaginal discharge, bleeding per vaginal on and off, painful coition and  pain during urination.

>The most common symptoms of PID include:

>Fever (not always present; may come and go)

>Pain or tenderness in the pelvis, lower abdomen, or…

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       This series of videos explains how we can take on Monsanto Cs & GMOs.


  1. We first explain what they are, and what are the consequences of their…

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Dear Colleagues,

What represents the true scientific evidence of therapeutic technologies? This question has bugged me since 1994 after having treated a junior medical registrar in an allopathic hospital for a spinal cord compression which transpired under anesthesia for a biopsy to confirm spinal tuberculosis. He was fully functional until he woke from anesthesia, and still had residual grade…

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[This chapter is about fever with all its kinds and descriptions. But this field has been…

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Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Homoeopathy


    Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

  • Born in Meissen, Germany on 10 April 1755. Mr. Christian Gottfried Hahnemann is the proud father and Mrs.  Johanna Christiana is the proud mother of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He died in the year 1843.
  • He is the father of experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way;…

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Dr Mukesh Batra Receives Honors

If you search for "Dr Mukesh Batra" you will find him on the major free encyclopedia website, Wikipedia, where they list his background, written works and achievements. He acts as Chairman…

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Jealousy, Its Interpretation and Homoeopathy

Emotions are of two types

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions result in feelings of competency.

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions result in feelings of…

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RHEUMATIC EYE A collection and additions of Rubrics and medicines for the Rheumatic conditions of the Eye.


The eye is…

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“We are losing our first-line antimicrobials. Replacement treatments are more costly, more toxic, need much longer durations of treatment, and may require treatment in intensive care unit.”
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I wrote a poem on Dr Hahnemann in Telugu language on October 26th, 1990

Today (April 10th, 2012) I translated it into English.


Note: Sincere request to all poets/authors, please bear with my poor English.


I am…

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Speaking with the Myelodysplastic Syndrome patient

about Homeopathic treatment

An unusual long term…

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The Gleanings – XVII: Sleep and Dreams by Dr. M. A. Usmani

This might be the shortest chapter in the whole series of ‘gleanings’, for there in none too much matter that can…

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Dr. John Rengen Virapen Talks About Drug Greed

Former ELLY LILLY CEO confessing

Part 1:…

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Dear Sir Samuel Hahnemann ~


Today is your 257th Birthday and we are celebrating the World Homeopathy Day!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from all your…

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Information about piles or hemorrhoids, piles causes, internal and external piles, homeopathy medicine or homeopathic treatment for piles.
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Once again Dr Hahnemann , happy birthday to you.

Many years have passed yet Homeopaths and its skeptics around the world remember you for what you gave to the world in form of the science of Homeopathy;

Today it is still fighting a tough battle for survival against all odds,specially in western world, where the powerful lobbies of giant pharmaceutical companies see it as a powerful contender in health sector.

How ever in this “gloom and…

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‘ Future of homeopathy lies in recognizing the leading position of pathology ’



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(A Nosode)


Originator of this nosode was Swan, but its therapeutic importance and recognition was given by Burnett.  In 1882, German physician Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch discovered that a preparation of dead Tuberculinum bacilli obtain from the infected pus of lungs could be used to prevent and treat…

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These medical professionals are concerned about the safety of vaccines. They say they have seen adverse reactions and admit that vaccines aren’t always effective.
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Image courtesy: BBC

The quantity of food they consume may be same or even lesser than men. But, what makes them obese is, at the end they consume the foodstuff on the table, left behind by the other family members. Also inside the kitchen, they do the final performance by taking the…

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Any substance which is pathogenetic, helps to excite the defense mechanism of human body and cause a disease symptoms. Such as the repeated oral administration of cinchona officinalis or china cause the symptom of fever. Similarly other homeopathic drugs cause various symptoms when applied repeatedly on human subjects. This method of testing medicinal substances on healthy human body is called “proving” in homeopathy.This system of proving was developed by Hahnemann…

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How Homeopathy Trivializes Grave Situations



By its unencumbered therapeutic action homeopathy may trivialize even the most grave emergencies. Let’s narrate some examples:


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As a parent, you are told if your children are vaccinated they are ‘protected’; yet many of the outbreaks have occurred in fully immunized populations. So what’s going on?
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The Gleanings-XVI Extremities




Chronic or Hereditary Rheumatism:…

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Information about nocturnal emission or night emission definition, nocturnal emission in adults and ways to get rid of this problem, night emission treatment with homeopathy of homeopathic treatment of nocturnal emission.
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Should Homeopathy Be Available? Do you have an opinion on this matter?


A worthwhile listen to Kaye of the BBC Radio Scotland has an interview on March 22, 2012

The question about funding homeopathy has been a major discussion. Critics say it is a waste of money for something that has not…

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The collection of articles for March 2012
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Let's all think, speak and act positively.

As homeopaths, we also search for the way the brain works.

Shawn Achor touches upon fake data and what researchers do when data falls outside the mean. They eliminate it. Did you ever take a class and ask the teacher to remove your…

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Dr. Kaviraj breathes life into your plants with homeopathy.
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