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The author lists remedies often indicated for problems in pregnancy and birth.
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Many advertising campaigns over the years promoting vaccinations are intended to scare parents into vaccinating their children... This is one of the worst that I have ever seen.
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This may upset you in more ways than you think, so please be prepared for the utmost of shocking new medical ethics proposals. Are you ready?
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Overview of the layout and design of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook first published in 1846. An examination of the key differences between the Pocketbook and the Synthesis repertories. A discussion of the Boenninghausen method with illustrations of rubric selection and analysis including a detailed clinic case example from the T.S.H.M. third year clinic.
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The link Is undeniable. Parents researching the topic are discovering what these two words have in common.
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Hpathy editor Alan V. Schmukler interviews Dr. Samuel Flagler.
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Jenny McCarthy’s Twitter account is named “mommywarrior” for a reason. She encourages parents to “do absolutely everything you can for your child, no matter what anyone tells you.” Here's how I met her...
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Elaine reveals the answer to the February Quiz.
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Vaccine contamination includes Human DNA and Animal DNA. The big question is what does it do to your child?
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Try to guess the remedy--another thrilling and chilling Hpathy Quiz!
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The General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom has cleared the medical flack surrounding one of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s medical colleagues, Professor John Walker-Smith, and recanted their censure against him. Here is what Dr. Wakefield had to say...
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Earth Day Count Down Clock 

Example of a clock code that really works

It may even be worth paying for 'Pro' version if you want to create colors.…

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A 14 year girl had an adverse reaction to one of four vaccines that she received against her mothers wishes.
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Jeroen Holtkamp elaborates further on his threefold principle in homeopathy, analyzing anorexia nervosa as an example. From this perspective he suggests remedies that may better cover this ailment.
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If you decide to exercise your right to exempt your child from vaccines, your pediatrician may do this...
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'Autistic Spectrum Disorder' is commonly known as 'autism' and a person suffering from this illness is referred to as 'autistic'. It is a behavioral disorder with a number of symptoms that may range from mild to severe. No two children with autism may have exactly…

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Linguistic methodology for representing and clustering rubrics (Cluster analysis)

 Recently I'v been looking for the common lexical ground shared by Sankaran's miasms and Scholten's Stages - so far with encouraging results. With care we can get some correlation between Stages/Miasms in *Minerals* and in *Plants*, so that 'Stage 17' for example includes all the 'antisocial' remedies, not just minerals.  The question of Plant or Mineral doesnt come into it initially - its the antisocial behavoiur we notice first -  so have the great homepathic authors sold us a pup in insiting that Kingdom Differentiation is the first step ... ?
Ferdinad De Saussure defines 'Langue' as the totality of the language and 'Parole' as the words we use most often e.g. in Homeopathy ... quite a small sub-set of what is available. The parole of Homeopathy includes keywords, concepts, themes, rubrics and so on.

These are the keywords we feed in to any analysis. However, these keywords trigger a huge spectrum of spurious associations across all the Kingdoms.

The answer? To reorganise conventional concepts and groups by grouping similar rubrics or keywords according to lexical distance or similarity.

A tree diagram (dendrogram) would highlight the lexical distance of the rubric DOMINEERING from the rest of a group of rubrics which included TIMIDITY and YIELDING. The result of this clustering method is a linguistic tree for each remedy based on lexical similarity … e.g. where the node TIMIDITY is not far from YEILDING and many branches away from the antonym DOMINEERING.

Since the remedy Silica is an oxide  the properties of the oxide enter into the picture  - it adds selfishness and a feeling of being abused (the source of Silicas' defiance and audacity). The main idea is that Silica is fragile and easily abused. The properties imparted to the remedy by the Oxide stand out clearly. This is a brilliant way to re-present Scholtens methodology.

In this simplified dendrogram there are 4 or 5 main lexical groups (leaves or nodes) in the tree …

Anxiety group (Sil)
Affection group (Sil)
Yielding group (Sil)
Audacity/Anger group (Sil + Oxide)
Abuse group (Oxide)

Silica - rubrics and concepts dendrogram

The branch lengths and junctions on the tree show how closely the neighbouring groups are related. All that remains is to match the clinical data to the remedy tree. These are all common rubrics, so the detail in the silica dendrogram above is only sufficient to create a new group of 'Silica-like' remedies...

[ Lyc nux-v sep sil staph puls ign sulph ]

This is the most minimal rubric data we need to describe the group. Once we include 'family' or 'stage' specific keywords i.e. the strange, rare and peculiar symptoms of a remedy the dendrogram is complete and identifies the individual remedy.

A Venn Diagramm is an alternative way of graphically and numerically representing remedy data. When we were taught to differentiate Silca (chronic of Puls) from Pulsatilla the tutor used a similar visual representation to good effect.  This is how the ' A.P.G. Tree of Life' is represented in the Plants Database project.

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Pathogenesis of Acne

There are 4 basic factors involved in the development of acne.

Follicle Blockage

Acne arises due to blockage of follicles, the sebaceous follicles which are found in the face, neck, chest, and/or back. In acne patients, the…

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Information about Melasma definition, melasma cure with homeopathy medicine or homeopathic treatment of melasma.
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Kidney Dysfunction

Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms that include protein in the urine, low blood protein levels, high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride…

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Atopic Dermatitis (Besnier Disease)


A multifactorial, chronic, and relapsing (Psora) disorder associated with impaired skin barrier function (Psora/Pseudopsora); environmental hypersensitivity (Psora/Pseudopsora); and asthma (Psora/Sycosis) that may begin in infancy and is…

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Alopecia can be divided into two varieties – I) Focal hair loss II) Diffused hair loss. It can be focal or diffused hair loss with the presence or absent of scarring…

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The African Drums Rhythm of Life

Call it a line dance

It could be a ballet

No matter what the name

I have one thing to say

The African…

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The Gleanings-XV | BACK



[I’m suffering these days from cervical spondylosis; and this is, incidentally, a topic for the chapter on BACK, in repertory. But in the whole of homeopathic literature one doesn’t find any mention or any rubric of ‘cervical spondylosis’. There…

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The strange case of the man who taught his daughter a lesson

by shooting her laptop computer

all because of a Facebook post

What can we learn about Internet addiction?

Our Hidden Virtual Lives

Tommy Jordan, an…

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We Use Different Names and Still We Are One . . . !

“What is there in the name?”

This common maxim holds true…

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by Dr. M. A. USMANI


When man used to live in natural environment and did his daily chores naturally, he had little diseases, and had wonderful physique and well-working organs. Bertrand Russell has said…

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Dear members

The homeopathy study guide is under revision and will be republished at a later date. There were a number of pages which will not be accessible from my profile or blogs.

Thank you, Hans

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